Projection screen film "Palumylu"

Our projection screen "Palumylu" was developped by applying the technology of supercritical synthesis.
This screen has the properties of high brightness, large viewing angle, and good color balance. It is easy to install on the glass windows, acrylic plates, etc.

Impressive digital signage by palumylu screen and projector.


You can view an image from any angles

High contrast, and high brightness was achieved for both the rear and front projection. Short focus projector is available due to the large-angle light scattering.

Suitable for a projection to wide size.

It is possible for 100 inch size screen.

Good color reproducibility

Color balance was tuned to be the best.

Transparent glass windows display.

It is useful for glass signage and events.

Low cost

Our products are not only the screen itself but also the nano-materials for optical use.

Easy installation

The film can be easily set on a flat plane by water splaying.



Properties of transparent screens

Screen Cost Transparency Viewing angle Color balance Brightness
Palumylu C-8 Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Palumylu C-15 Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
Company A Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent-Good Excellent-Good
Company B Poor Good Excellent Good Excellent
Company C Good Fair Fair Fair Excellent
Company D Good Fair Good Good Excellent
Company E Good Fair Good Good Excellent



Palumylu C-8, C-15

Transparent type (Palumylu C-8, Palumylu C-15)

For both the front and rear projection.

Palumylu W

White type (Palumylu W)

High brightness.
For both the front and rear projection. Wide viewing angle.

Palumylu B

Black type (Palumylu B)

High contrast image.
For both the front and rear projection.
Wide viewing angle.

Specifications of Palumylu screen

Type C-8 C-15 C-30 W B
Appearance Clear Clear Clear White Black
Thickness (um) 100 100 125 125 125
Base film PET
Light transmittance (%) 87 78 84 49 10
Haze (%) 7 11 30 98 98


It is available for exhibitions, airports, stations, stadiums, live performances, and amusement parks.

A constraction company

7m x 1.3m white type screen (opaque) on partition glass. Three projectors were used. Both for rear and front projections were applied.

White screen White screen

Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F [Ceramics exhibition, 2018]

80 inch white type screen (opaque).

Hankyu Umeda building Hankyu Umeda building

Osaka South Bay ATC 10F Design Floor

100 inch transparent type screen on glass plate. Using a 3000 lm projector (rear projection)

Kobe City Hall, Exhibition of disarster prevention

80 inch white type screen (opaque) with short focus projector.

Kobe City Hall Kobe City Hall


Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F [Valentine event, 2018]

80 inch white type screen (opaque).

Hankyu Umeda building

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